Elk Country ATV Club
located in the Heart of the Chequamegon National Forest
Have Fun and Ride Responsibly


    Winners from the Cash Raffle Drawing are as follows: $5000 - Bob Long Field, $3000 - Jeff Landis, $1000 - Penny Titus. $200 winners are: Kathy Guthman, Ken Zivic, Rob Dezotell, Jake Allen, Jason Melby, Matt Hewitt, Joe Kalmon, Lynn Warren, Tammy Pederson & Noah Hurley. $100 winners: Gene Herman, Stan Peterson, Tanya Schneider, Scott Kapel, Rivk Hewitt, Jay Runde, Dave Petersen, Kelly Beilke, Toni Vernoski & Jeff Huppert. $50 Winners: Jim Rondeau, Sue Johnson, Jason Cook, Jackson Carter,Steve Landis, Nancy Ransom,Sue Schribner, Jake Allen, Sam Allen & Dave Cole. We would like to thank everyone who helped out, everyone who donated to the club and everyone who came out to help support the club. We truly appreciate it.

We do have our Hooded zip up sweatshirt in Navy or Grey and our men and woman hats. The Sweatshirts are SMLXL for $44 and the 2XL is $46 the hats are $16 a piece but the new mens Camo hat is $20 because we ended up paying lots more for this new order. If you want something saved please let me know and I can set it aside for you.


Our Club meetings are set for

August 12th on our club ride to Saxon Harbor

More dates to follow: 


New Club Rides or Events set:

August 12th going to Saxon Harbor, leaving the Clam Lake Junction at 8 am, bring yourself something to snack on and beverages and we should be eating lunch in Saxon Harbor.

Check out our  ATV Riding link!  Make sure you turn your volume up!! http://youtu.be/jC-qGhN2Tw4                                             


Ride Safe!!

Any questions or concerns please call your President, Rick Guthman @ 715-681-0866

  Front of Sweatshirt                       Back of Sweatshirt.



Your Club Officer's are:

Rick Guthman - President

Steve Schilling- Vice President

Krystal Guthman - Treasurer

Terry Tarras - Secretary