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              January 21, 2023 our 15th annual Ice fishing contest winners

2022 Ice Fishing Contest winners:

There was 145 Adults & 20 Kids

The ATV was won by Irene Defoe

$200 cash won by Borta

$100 cash won by Jaidyn

Adult Fish Winners:

Crappie: 1st - Mike Kelly -10 3/4" 

             2nd - Andy Pehlke - 10 1/4"

Perch: 1st - Dereck Bay - 9 1/4"

          2nd - Brett Halmer - 8 5/8"

Blue Gill: 1st - Dan Hill - 8" tie to Heidi Menenan

Northern: 1st - Dan Hill - 32 3/4"

               2nd - Ken Kliener - 25 1/2"

Walleye: 1st - Jamison Brooks - 19"

             2nd - Sarah Christian - 16 3/4"

Kid's Fish Winners:

Crappie: 1st - Candance Ellis 10 1/2"

Perch: No winner

Blue Gill: 1st - Isacc Abell 7 1/4"

Northern: 1st - Natalie Scribner 22"

Walleye: 1st - Aiden Zwicker 17"

2021 Ice Fishing Contest winners:

There was 193 Adult entries and 15 kids

  1. The 420 Honda ATV was won by Tom Schalinski
  2. $200.00 Cash = Lisa Braun
  3. $100.00 Cash = Lyn's Custom Meats

Fish Winners: Adults

1st place Crappie= Cole Bay 12 1/4", 2nd place = Cal Wendt 10 3/4"

1st place Perch = Cole Rebska 10 3/4 ", 2nd place= Colin Roehl 10"

1st place Bluegill= Heidi Menabasker 7 5/8", 2nd place= Al Guthman 7 1/4"

1st place Northern = Gopher Bay 31 1/4", 2nd place = Matt Deragen 28 1/2"

1st place Walleye = Matt Deragen 17 1/2", 2nd place = Dustin Bay 16 1/4 "

Kids Division: 

Crappie = Isack Abell 11"

Perch = Charlie Cornell 9 1/2"

Bluegill = Natalie Scribner 5 1/2"

Northern = Natalie Scribner 30 1/2"

Walleye = Mason Runde 24"

Ice Fishing Ticket winners: There are to many to list but here are a few.

  1. Marcum M3 Flasher = Aaron Mckinny 2. Marcum under water camera = Josh Mackmen 3. Drill unit & fishing pole = Kramer 4. Quick fish 2 & 20 lb LP fill= Kathy Guthman 5. 6" hand auger & BBQ set = Steve Peter and many, many more. All winners have been notified.

2020 Ice fishing contest winners:

1. Marcum under water camera Mike Noskoviak 2. Eskimo stingray ice auger , Dusty's saloon. 3. Eskimo Quick fish 2, Zach Korger. 4. Hayward Marine inboard or outboard winterize, Diane Roe. 5. Hayward Marine inboard or outboard winterize, Mike Schalinski. 6. $ 50 certificate from Birches Italian steakhouse, Clay Burditt. 7. 1 night stay at seven winds casino an $10 slot play & $10 food discount, Bill Bellom. 8. $50 Gift Card from Wal-mart, Mike Carter. 9. $50 Gift Card from Kwik Trip, Colleen Pankratz. 10. $50 certificate from Birches Italian Steakhouse, Ty Evenson. 11. $25 certificate from Cable Lumber and 20# LP fill from Como, Tim McFadden. 12. $25 Gift Card from Northern Lakes Co-op and 20# LP fill from Como, Jeff L. 13. $25 certificate from Lakewoods Resort and 20# LP fill from Como. 14. $25 certificate from Perkins Restaurant, Linda Sedley. 15. $25 certificate from Blackiron Bar & Grill, Pat Tighe. 16. $25 certificate from Anglers Bar & Grill , Rob Haley. 17. $25 certificate from D&D auto center, Cookie Skutety. 18. $25 certificate from Dead Squirrel Bar, Gerry Olsen. 19. $25 Gift Card from Loretta Steakhouse, Tony Kapel 20. $25 Gift card from L&M leet Supply, Steve Spree. 21. $25 Gift Card from Northern Lakes Co-op, Jim Menert. 22. $25 certificate from Anglers Bar & Grill, Rhonda Rasmussen. 23. $25 Gift Card from Loretta Steakhouse, Tersa Bruso. 24. $25 certificate from Lakewoods Resort, Bill Johnson. 25. $25 certificate from Glidd Inn, Pete Peterson. 26. $25 Gift Card from Loretta Steakhouse, Tony Kapel. 27. $25 Gift Card from Napa , Mike Carter. 28. $25 certificate from Perkins Restaurant, Scott Miller. 29. $20 certificate from DOW'S corner bar, Steve Johnson. 30. $20 certificate from Loon Saloon, Dustin Scribner. 31. $20 Gift Card from Southshore Brewery , Tammy McFadden. 32. $20 Gift Card from Super One, Scott Miller. 33. $20 certificate from Lost Land Lake Lodge, Aubree Wiener. 34. $20 Gift Card from Market Place, Sharron Annola. 35. $20 Gift Card from Southshore Brewery, Kathy Guthman. 36. $20 Gift Card from CARQUEST Dustin Bay ADULT FISH WINNERS Crappie 1. Lisa Braun 8 1/2 inches 2. Trevor Spindler 8 3/8 inches Perch 1. Randy Neff 11 1/4 inches 2. Ashlyn Hilleth 8 inches BLUE GILL 1. Jessica Wick 6 1/2 inches 2. Cindy Parsons 6 3/8 inches NORTHERN 1. Dizzy 28 inches 2. Adam Miller & Ken Dergan 27 inches WALLEYE 1. Corey Bruhn 20 1/2 inches 2. Jessica Wick 19 inches KID'S FISH WINNERS CRAPPIE Natalie Scribner 10 1/8 inches PERCH Mason Runde 7 inches NORTHERN Aiden Zwaden 21 3/8 inches WALLEYE Natalie Scrbner 20 inches Winner of the Bucket of Booze was Frank Kraus Winner of the ATV Brent Petersen $200 Bryce Talley $100 John Bendt 112 adult entries and 8 Kid's fished The ELK COUNTRY ATV CLUB would like to thank all the businesses for there donations and all the fisherman for braving the snowy weather.

Our 12th Annual Ice Fishing contest is set for January 18th 2020 on Upper Clam Lake, Clam Lake WI 54517 from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Tickets for the ATV raffle and cash drawings are $10 each and will be available on the lake and are available at local businesses. There will be many door prizes and other raffles available on the lake. There is a $5 entry fee with a 100% payback on the adult division and the kids division. We encourage all adults to bring your kids out and teach them how to fish so they will have many years of enjoying such a fun sport. There will be food and beverages available on the lake to purchase also. Come on out and help support the club, get a little exercise and enjoy the fun! We will be set up on the boat landing this year.

2019 Brat Feed & Poker Card winner

Working on posts and signage

Some of the 2018 contest Pictures


Our 10th Annual Ice Fishing Contest is set for January 20th, 2018 on upper Clam Lake, Clam Lake, WI from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm tickets for the ATV Raffle and cash are $10 each and are available at many establishments and will be available on the lake. We also will have many door prizes and other raffle prizes to win. We have five different fish categories and 100% payback. We also have a kids division where every kid wins something. There will be food & beverages available on the lake in the food tent. Come on out and support the club and enjoy a day of fishing and having fun!!

Our 9th Annual Ice Fishing contest held on January 21, 2017 was another success! We had 138 Adult entries and 7 kids. It was a very wet dreary day but good fishing and a lot of prizes won.

Winners were:

ATV Winner, Jeff Auttila...Maple, WI,

Curt Anderson $200.00- Betty Bahe $100.00 - Gary Eder, Booze tub - Rob Abig, Vexilar - Vern Forde, Eskimo Ice Auger - Derek Bay, 1 Day rental at Power Sports - Kyllie Luedke, Marcum underwater camera - Steve Landis, 2 man Ice shack & $25 certificate to Rasmussens - Mike Protokoviz, 1 nite stay at LCO Casino & LP Fill from Como - Matt Hewitt, $129.00 certificate - Ray Segel, $100.00 certificate from Runamuk - Charlie Best, Wheel alignment from Fischers Auto repair - Scott Miller, Battery charger from car quest & $25 certificate from Rasmussens - Ken Koosmann, $50 Walmart gift card and many more winners, to many to list.

Adult Fish Winners:

Crappie was a 4 way tie @ 11" Phillip Carbon, Mark Nolan, Adam Borgstahl and Joe Anderson

Perch:       1st.   Al Guthman 8 3/4"         2.    Flash 8 1/2"

Blue Gill:            Ray Segel 7 3/4" tied with Scott Miller

Northern:   1st.  Steve Eder 31 1/2"         2.    Ron Vecchie 29 1/2"

Walleye:     1st.  Mike Schnaltz 22"           2.    Mitchel Pankratz 20 1/2"

Kids Division:

Crappie:  Kenzie Zach 9"               Blue Gill: Aiden McFadden 6 1/4"

Perch:  Daynen Zach 8"                 Northern: Bailey Snow 23 1/2"

and no walleye was caught in the kids division.

January 30, 2016

We would like to thank everyone who donated prizes to those that helped us out in anyway possible and to all the fishermen that attended the event this year for our 8th Annual Ice Fishing Contest. It was a sloppy mess out there on the lake but it ended up to be not to bad, at least no one fell in! There was again this year lot's of winners and to many to list but for the main winners were:

ATV Winner................Tim Patzke......Mellen, WI

2nd Place $200...........Hugh Hughes.....Oshgosh, WI

3rd Place $100...........Darla McKenzie....Shafer, MN

Vexilar... Calvin Wiener, Eskimo Ice Auger... Tim Crom, Quick Fish 3 Ice shack... Kathy Guthman, One night stay for 2 at LCO Casino.. Judy Johnson and Kathy Guthman, $100 certificate from Runamuk Rides... Judy Johnson, Wheel Alignment from Fischers Auto Repair...Ron Vecchie, Northwoods Chiropractic pillow... Ron Vecchie, Bucket of Booze... Symantha Wold.

Adult Fish Winner's:

No Walleye was caught so that money will carry over for next year.

Northern:1st Place.. Hayden Neibauer 30" 2nd Place..Casey Dicus 29 7/8"

Crappie: 1st Place.. Jeff Henri 10 1/2" 2nd Place..Dan Lang 9 1/4"

Blue Gill: 1st Place..Ben Hartwig 6 7/8" 2nd Place.. Ken Landis 6"

Perch: 1st Place.. Jeff Henri 10" 2nd Place.. Hayden Neibauer 7 1/2"

Kids Division:

Crappie:   Preston Blaucheck... 8 1/2"

Perch: Ryan Henry....... 7 3/4"

Blue Gill: Ryan Henry... 7 1/4"

Northern: Rayder......... 25 3/4"



This is the 2014 Honda TRX 420 Rancher that will be raffled off at our 8th Annual Ice Fishing contest on January 16th, 2016. Because of the lack of Ice, we have changed the date to January 30th. We have been picking up a lot of Door prizes again this year. Lets hope we get some cold weather for that Ice.




Winners from our January 17th, 2015 Annual Ice fishing contest!!

Scott Kaehleni was the big winner of the ATV, Kathy Fanella- $200 Bret Ludescher- $100, Todd Evenson- Vexilar, Steve Peter- Ice Auger, Kyle Eroeniman- Three man Ice shack, Ghandi- Fish Locator, Todd Staves- Ice Shack, Greg Jager- Wheel allignment and Duck picture, Al Guthman- $100 off guide service or $50 off mount and battery charger. Lots of other winners with certificates, LP Tank refills, Booze buckets etc. To many to list.

Winners of the Kids fishing contest were:

Crappie: Ellie Kolar, Perch: Kyle Eder, Bluegill: Jake Wallace and northern: Caleb Jones & Brady K. (it was a tie!) 

Winners of the Adult fishing contest were:

Crappie: 1st place- Ray Segel, 2nd place- Dan Ludwig

Bluegill: 1st place- Jim Parsons, 2nd place- Dustin Gehr

Perch: 1st place- Blake Evenson, 2nd place- Warren Huber

Northern: 1st place- Jimmy Cozzy, 2nd place- Dennis Gehr

Walleye: 1st place- Tom Dezotell, first and only Walleye caught

      The four Stooges!!


Walleye Winner: Tom Dezotell

Walleye Winner



Many more pictures but to many to post:

Our 7th Annual Ice fishing contest is set for January 17th, 2015 on Upper Clam Lake, starting at 8:00 am until 3:00 pm. Prizes will be drawn after 3:00. Food and Beverages will be available on the lake. ATV Raffle, $10 a ticket and only 1,000 will be sold plus many many more raffle prizes to win.

 Please set the date and come on out and help support the club.

Our 6th Annual Ice Fishing contest has been set for 01/18/2014 on Upper Clam Lake Starting at 8:00 am until 3:00 pm. Food and Beverages will be available on the Lake. Set the Date and we will have more information to come in the near future. Below is the ATV that will be raffled off this year. Raffle tickets are $10.00 a piece and can be bought at local Business's. We will only be selling 1000 tickets so Hurry and get your's before they are all sold out! Helmet included.


Elk Country ATV Club's 5th Annual Ice Fishing Contest

 Pictures from the 2013 Contest.